“A multidisciplinary cast of mind . . . with a yen for synthesis” - Charlie Munger (about himself, not Random Walk)

Random Walk is where investors

  • data people;

  • entrepreneurs; and other

  • infovores and lifelong learners

. . . discover ideas and data they would have missed.

Random Walk covers:

  • Macro

  • Consumer Behavior

  • Real Estate, Migration and Demographics

  • Technology and AI

  • Private and public markets

. . . and anything else that makes the world turn.

“A Daily Dose, but only for the smartest people” - A very smart person

Random Walk is for the curious and contrarian

  • Differentiated and ex-consensus. Random Walk is not a daily digest of whatever everyone else already knows. The WSJ already does that better than Random Walk ever could. Random Walk is focused on where the streetlights don’t shine. Zig where others zag.

  • Data-driven. Data forces rigor, and visuals are more information dense than words. Plus, there’s a lot of cool data out there that goes under the radar.

  • Generalist’s Delight. Random Walk covers a lot of ground. The only requirement is that the observations reflect something consequential and enduring.

Consensus is useful, so far as it goes. But if you want alpha, then your information mix needs alpha too.

Random Walk is an idea company dedicated to the discovery of idea alpha. Find differentiated data, perspectives and people, and keep your information mix lively. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds. Fight the Great Idea Stagnation. Join Random Walk. Follow me on twitter. Follow me on substack:

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About me

I’m a curious guy, who loves to meet interesting people doing interesting things, and help where I can.

  • I’m an investor and a writer.

  • I’ve built product and companies in fintech and proptech, and before that,

  • I was a lawyer at a venerable white shoe firm.

Get in touch if you’d like to collaborate, and of course, please:

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"A multidisciplinary cast of mind . . . with a yen for synthesis." - Charlie Munger (about himself, not Random Walk)


Discovering alpha in ideas. Investor. Operator. Dilettante. Endlessly curious. Always contrarian. Builder of fintech. Builder of proptech, Ex-Big Law.