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Random Walk at Night: Of Innocence and Experience, a Conversation with Blake

Random Walk interviews Blake Janover, CEO of

It’s another longy-but-goody.

In tonight’s edition, Random Walk sits down with Blake Janover, Founder and CEO of Janover, a Commercial Real Estate lending startup, that skipped venture capital, and went public instead (JNVR 0.00%↑).

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Blake has done a lot of things, including dropping out of college, starting at least three businesses, building automated trading tech in the early aughts, and going very long New Century Financial in 2007.

Blake is a polymath, infovore and generally curious guy, who likes to zig, where others zag, which makes him a Random Walk kind of person.

Among other things, we discuss:

  • Being a generalist, and learning to focus

  • The real estate industry, and how it’s changed (or hasn’t) over the decades

  • Starting out as the smartest kid who had all the answers, and needed no help from no one, to being a guy who learns from everyone, as much as possible

  • Building two entirely different and successful companies before the age of 30, and losing everything, not once, but twice

  • Finding mentors and doing the things that make you uncomfortable

  • Building a commercial mortgage platform when no one will touch CRE with a ten-foot pole, and buying greed n’ selling fear

  • Filing an S-1 and going public (yes, you read that right) because you’re too small for PE, and not a fit for VC

  • Building a tech company in Florida, but not betting against SF or NY

  • LLMs are still underrated; and

  • The proverbial much, much, more.


The video is available on youtube, as well, if you prefer to view it that way.

Random Walk will be doing more of these “Podcasts,” so please subscribe in the way that you would subscribe to that sort of thing.

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