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Random Walk at Night: School of Brad Hargreaves

Random Walk interviews Brad Hargreaves, Founder of Thesis Driven (and more)

Brad Hargreaves

is currently building the real estate + tech newsletter and media company Thesis Driven.

You might also know him from his days:

  • selling antique furniture on ebay,

  • building massive multiplayer games and then a game studio,

  • founding the coding school General Assembly,

  • founding the co-living company Common, or perhaps

  • as a drummer for the great 90’s band Third Eye Blind.1

Ploymath . . . infovore . . . generalist . . . writer . . . multiple successes and failures . . . obscure real estate interests . . . all around nice guy, husband and father . . .

Yup, checks all the Random Walk boxes. OK to proceed.

It’s a really good interview. and boy, are these are fun.2

Here’s the youtube link (with some timestamped chapters below, if you prefer to watch and subscribe that way, and I always recommend listening at 1.5X speed.

Brad Hargreaves has been founding companies since he was an undergrad at Yale. From Massive Multiplayer Gaming to a coding school to a co-living company and most recently a media company, there's no domain where Brad won't go.

Start: Becoming an entrepreneur from Alabama to the hardscrabble streets of Yale University

12:32: On generalists v. specialists

18:53: Learning from key failures in proptech

31:31: Founder superpowers and most underrated skills

42:50: The worst advice founders get

49:55: The future of VC

53:27: Proptech needs to die

58:34: A massive category of Real Estate that people don't think enough about

61:06: The most underrated place in the country, the hard task of City Building, and the absence of magic wands

77:38: The most contrarian thing

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This last one is not true. That’s a different Brad Hargreaves. Common mistake, though.


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